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Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced

Our Boot Camp classes are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and ability with a view to you gradually raising the bar week on week so that you will see a clearly identifiable improvement in your fitness, strength and ability at the end of the course.*

The bootcamp will consist of an active warm up followed by military style exercises such as ‘Farmers Carry' (Jerry cans filled with water), 'Tractor Tyre Flips', ‘Rope Drags’ & ‘Rope Hauls’, 'Weighted Rucksacks’ and plenty of bodyweight exercises as well, followed by a cool down and stretching. Total time of class is 1hr.

Purchase your taster plan here and then book in to one of the scheduled classes and and see whether the class works for you before committing to a package of sessions.  An additional class will be added to any subsequent plan sign up to cover the cost of your taster session.


The Boot Camp takes place at the following times:

Saturday - 8.30am - Intermediate to Advanced Level

Saturday - 10.00am - Beginners to Intermediate Level

* Minimum age requirement is 16 years