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Stuart Dowding - "Can’t recommend Carl Garton enough; 7 weeks in, 2 stone 4lbs down; very hard work, but its been enjoyable! The bootcamps are great fun, Carl is there to support and push you on, but respects everyone’s abilities. If you’re thinking about getting started but not sure what you want to do, get in touch with Carl for a chat."

Mike Robinson - Chef and ITV presenter. - "I have been training 3 times a week with Carl for 4 months, and I can honestly say it has been a life changing experience. Not only do I feel better in the way I look, but my energy levels and general health have improved immeasurably.

I can really recommend Carl and the Fit Farm to anyone who is feeling the onset of middle age and wants to do something about it! Carl is a hard taskmaster who knows how to get the most out of a person without leaving them completely broken.

Give it a go for 3 months and see what happens...."

Sir Nigel Burney - "Carl arrived with a mission to transform a flab-encrusted gentleman of a certain age back into the dynamo of 30 years ago. After 6 months we have retrieved 15 years, losing a stone in the process, while repositioning the remainder to a more classical form.

Just to have got here is a triumph, so onward and upward. Carl is the first trainer I have experienced who really understands pacing, and making a session rewarding and testing, without strain and discomfort. "

Jane Frazer, Co-producer Working Title - "About six months ago I started training with Carl. I'm in my mid fifties and was very unfit. I was worried that it would just be a hard grind with some very fit person who couldn't understand that I needed to be flexible with the sessions because of work and wouldn't be able to believe how little I could do.

It couldn't have been more different. Carl's sessions are hard work and I'm not allowed to shirk at all, but each session is varied and well thought out so I'm constantly interested. Carl approaches it all with huge knowledge and drive and manages to inspire and encourage with humour. So it's all fun and I am so much fitter, happier, stronger and more energetic. It works."

Caroline Idiens, Personal Trainer - "Being a personal trainer myself and with a young family, I find it can be very hard to schedule time for your own training and also to work on new programmes for yourself . Having moved further away from my gym for a year I was very keen to find a trainer who could train me in the convenience of my own home, at my own times and push me beyond my normal workout routine. Carl at the Fit Farm fitted this brief perfectly. We trained twice weekly , the sessions were always varied and increasingly challenging as well as being really fun. I have noticed a definite increase in my fitness levels and have become interested in areas of training which I would previously not have looked at. It has given me a fresh perspective on my own personal training and goals which I set myself. I would be the first person to recommend Carl and The Fit Farm to others keen to begin training and to really make a difference to their health and fitness."

Phil & Sue Morris - "As a couple, we started from very different positions: Sue had got very bored with the gym and was finding it hard to remain motivated and Phil enjoyed the gym but wanted to work with Sue and have some variety. We have been with Carl for over a year now. He is very knowledgeable and interested in how the body works. He has therefore been able to develop our fitness and core strength in a considered and sensitive way. He has also been able to accommodate our various old injuries and provide both variety and challenges so that we have both remained motivated. We are both very pleased with the result and Carl's experience, sense of ironic humour and unfailing enthusiasm has made keeping fit enjoyable and time efficient. Sue is now able to eat chocolate without too much guilt!"

Anne, Serenity Holistic Therapies - "At first I was really scared about what to expect because I had become so unfit. I was pleasantly surprised with appropriate exercise routines and immense support from the trainer. It is something I never thought I could afford but it is worth every penny and every drop of sweat!!"

David Bull - "I first came across the Fit Farm when a repetitive sporting injury nearly forced me to give up tennis and squash for good. Following my first consultation with Carl Garton, where he diagnosed my injury problems and carried out deep tissue massage on legs, I thought I would never walk again let alone play sport! However, more than 2 years down the line I visit Carl every month for "preventative maintenance" and remain injury free. Carl is very knowledgeable, tailoring his treatments to my needs, as well as providing sound help and advice to help me stay active. I have no hesitation in recommending Carl to my friends and colleagues. I know that he will give them the same professional service that I receive."

Sally Warren - "Fantastic company - Carl has got me to a level of fitness I never thought possible - patient, tailor makes the programme to you - I feel great!"

Michael Nisbet - "The Fit Farm provides a very friendly and helpful service, noting individual needs and taking the time to discuss issues with class members. The Fit Farm is a well run organisation providing a number of differing products (classes) to suit all needs."

Daniel Stent - "Excellent advice and dynamic training program - really pleased with the results so far."

Matthew Cook - "Since training with "The Fit Farm" my fitness level and general health has improved hugely. The focused and well planned training regimes and sessions really provide a good all-round workout and offer great value for money, especially when training as part of a small group.

All of the necessary equipment is provided for each session and while the friendly and well informed staff keep you motivated to improve, they don't over-do it and won't push you beyond what you're capable of.

A great company I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve their fitness or lose those extra few pounds...! "

Georgina Cross - "I started Fit Farm about a year ago to get fit and lose weight. I would not do exercise unless there is someone there pushing me. Carl certainly makes you work hard but you feel the benefits of it. If there is something you can not do Carl would adapt it so you can do it and build up to the exercise. A year on I can not believe how much I have improved and able to do that I would not have been able to a year ago. I am looking forward to seeing how much I can do in the next year to come"

Richard Warner - "I started training with Carl at FitFarm after he turned up and my wife wasn’t able to make the session, I felt guilty so took part.

That was about 6 months ago, and I must admit that for the "pre Jan 2009 BC" (before Carl), I had always been a guy that complained about being fat and not fit but hadn't ever done anything about it.

Working with Carl has changed that, in 2 sessions per week over 6 months, I have found that working with Carl has enabled me to lose weight, get fit but the best of all to have somebody who pushes me, motivates me and makes it enjoyable.

Carl has one of those rare abilities to listen to you and support you and also get you to do an awful lot more than you maybe think you are capable of.

I would recommend FitFarm and Carl to anyone wishing to get fit, and wants to do without even realising it."

Richard and Janine Palmer - "Carl has been training us for the last year. It has been one of the best investments we've ever made! We have different fitness levels yet Carl easily tailors the session to suit both of us so we can train together. He always brings something new to the session and it is always a challenge. We really enjoy it!"

Bernadette Motion - P.R Consultant - "I am a 48 year old woman with a long standing injury affecting my mobility - so opting for a personal trainer was an experiment at the outset.

Carl patiently tailored a programme around my problem and in the four months that I have been training he has significantly improved my fitness, muscle tone and strength - without aggravating my condition. The whole process has been very painless and although I did not do this for vanity, I am amazed at the improvement to my body shape which is noticeably more sculpted. .. "

Fiona Cue - "Carl Garton works as a Personal Trainer. Most people would hire him with a view to perhaps losing weight or increasing general fitness and muscle tone. I knew Carl previously and I had toyed with the idea of booking a few sessions.

During a full day out, ice-skating with my daughter, I fell badly and fractured my patella. After surgery I immediately began rehab work with Carl. Initially I had twice weekly sport massage to reduce swelling and improve flexion.

Soon, with close communication with my physiotherapist, we began a personalised programme of exercises to increase strength in order to get me walking again. Carl has continued to work with me through two further surgeries, supporting me in all aspects of my recovery.

With each phase, Carl has created a unique regime for my specific injury requirements. I would not have been able to cope with the demanding road to recovery without his motivation, knowledge and support.

Our next step will be to work on a more 'normal' fitness and toning routine, as I had originally planned."

Richard Stephens - "I am MD and owner of a busy and successful design & marketing agency. My first experience of Fit Farm Personal Training was following a Christmas present from my wife in 2004- who obviously thought it was time I did something about my rising weight, increasing lethargy and generally low fitness. Quite honestly, I thought the PT idea a bit naff, as Personal Trainers are surely for wimps who couldn't discipline themselves on their own? So, I was not well please at the start ....but went along with it "clearly as a short trial only".

Twenty months later my fitness, weight, body tone and overall attitude to life (and personal training) has changed enormously...and I am totally delighted.

My wife is too!

Within just a few weeks into my fitness training with Carl, I found problems in my chest and was soon diagnosed with coronary heart disease. Two hi-tech operations and three angioplasties later I was back into a steady but continuous fitness campaign under the close and forceful eye of Carl. Today I feel younger, better and I am fitter than I have been for many years.

Personal Training at home is not for everyone and does comes at a cost - but for those that want or need close, solid analysis, support and fitness guidance in short, well organised and convenient home sessions, then the Fit Farm is a cost effective solution I can strongly recommend.

For the future, I am continuing with my two, one hour sessions each week and Carl is moving me through new exercise routines and skills - which not only adds core strength and body flexibility but also widens confidence and self control."

Rebecca Russell - Goode International Ltd - "The Fit Farm visits our company every few months providing neck and back massage. Our staff feel de-stressed and re-energised after the visit. It's a great way to say thank you for all their hard work and great motivator too."

Dave Fincham - Touchline Video Ltd - "I have been using Fit Farm services for nearly a year now. Carl initially gave our group an individual health check and discussed individual needs and what there objectives were. Carl has provided a range of programs that we all benefit from, and recently has been adapting a variation of a fairly extreme training regime. We would certainly not have been able to do this 12 moths ago. Proof to all that the Fit Farm is achieving our objectives in a professional manner. No pain, no gain!!"

David Murray - Elcot Publications - "FitFarm is professionally run by Carl Garton, who tailors his personal training programmes to the level of his client's individual fitness. He makes each session fun, even when you are working very hard to fulfil your goals."

Mark Arrowsmith, M.D of Snappy Snaps (Newbury) - "After 5 months I have reached a level of fitness not seen for 30 years! (am now a very young mid forties). Fit Farm helps make this happen for you - they are highly knowledgeable professionals and totally reliable.

Its not fun! But it is rewarding and extremely satisfying. Thank you Fit Farm"

Travers Nettleton, Sir William Bentley Billiards - "Carl Garton has been running a complementary back clinic for our workforce for more than a year. Members of our workforce have an opportunity every three weeks to have a back massage and discussion about any back problems they might have.

This has proved extremely popular, with 99% attendance, as well as being really beneficial to our employees."

David Cue. M.D Q Associates Ltd - "These days the modern workplace is a much more stressful environment and everybody leads a busy social and professional life.

For the last 2 years, Q Associates have been using the FitFarm to provide health and fitness assessments to our employees.

In our programme we include a six monthly health check and a weekly circuit training class.

The benefits to the company are clearly demonstrated with improved employees health, motivation and general wellbeing."

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